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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08The Emerging World Order: Issues and Concerns for MuslimsHassan Ahmed Ibrahim
2016Engineering Geology of Blue NILE Left Bank at Khartoum between Almak Nimir and Tuti BridgesIbrahim Haggaro Hassan Shatta
2017Enhancement of Nisin food Preservative Isolated from Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis from camel, Cows and Goats milk.Suzan Aziz Awla
2014-12Enhancing Aerodynamics performancs of NACA 23012 by Using Backward StepAhmed Alrayah; Obai Younis
2019Epidemiological Pattern of Diarrhoea Diseases Amang Under five Children Admitted In Al-Turki Hospital Al Kalakla -Khartoum state, Sudan2018Abazar Ahmed Mustafa
2006-01The Epidemiology of HIV in AfricaTaha E. Taha
2015-10Establishment of in vitor Culture of Giardia spp from fecal samples of supsected patientsKhitma Hassan Elmalik; Anas Mahadi Elnazeer
2017Estimation of cardiac enzymes in Sudanese diabetic subjectsSulafa Kamel Abdel Rahim
2006-01Estimation of Crop Production in Africa Using Agroclimatic DataHussein S Adam
2017Estimation of Effective Dose and Incidence Cancer During Computed RadiographyMalaz Ahmed Ali Mohamed Ahmed
2016Estimation of Radiation Dose to Adult Patients During Multi-Slice CT ExaminationsBy Ibrahim Osman Hussein Ahmed
2008-06Ethiopia : The Politics of Communal Conflict ( 1991 - 1998 )K. E. D. Taha
2004-06Ethiopia : the politics of Ethnicfederalism(1991-1995)kamal el dien Osman Salih
2012-12Ethiopia and The Neighbours: Power and Conflicts (1855—1899)Seif Eleslam Bedowi Bashier
1999-06Ethiopian Eritrean Conflict 1997-1998 An Analytical point of viewHassan Makki
2006-06Ethiopian Islamic Literature in Arabic and Amharic : An OverviewHassan Ahmed
2006-01Ethiopian Islamic Literature in Arabic and Amharic An OverviewHussein Ahmed
1999-06Ethiopias primitiue AnthropologyIdris Salim al-Hasan
1998-06The Ethnic Map of EthiopiaBakri Abdei Rahman Ibrahim
2018-06ETHNICITY, TRIBALISM, AND RACISM AND ITS MAJOR DOCTRINES IN NIGERIATayfour Sidahmed Albeely; Ahmed Tanimu Mahmoud; Aliyu Ibrahim Yahaya