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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Status and interrelationship of Zinc level in benign Prostate hyperplasia and prostatic carcinoma patients from Radiation and Isotopes Center KhartoumAbdelsamed Mohi ehdin Makki Abdelsamed
2010The story of Aminah Alsulami :Abdul Ra hman Ibn Abdullah Ibn Ibrahim aal Al sheikh; Ha ssanat Awad Sa tti (Editor)
2003-12The Story of Domed Tombs of Eastern Sudan from Past to Presntsalah omer alsadig
2011-11-01A strategy for teaching aural/ oral skill in use (1) to improve the communicative competence of learners at Open University Sudan; ; عبد الرحيم محمد أحمد عيسي;
2006-11-26a study investigating the Reasons why Western cape Muslims use traditional Banking services as opposed to prescribed Islamic Banking InstrumentsSurayah Hartley
2006-06The Study of African Languages In a Changing WorldNorbert Cyffer
2016Study of the Recycle and Reuse of Domestic WastesAeisha Adam Osman Abdelkreem
2013-06A Study of Tunisia’s Educational Reform EffortsKHALED TROUDI
2019Study The Effect of Nano-Titanium Dioxide as Antibacterial through Modeling and SimulationMontsir Adam Mohammed Adam
2017Study the Effect of X-Ray on Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) NPN 129Asia Ibrahim Arbab Abdalla
2006Stuies in African applied FolkloreSayyid H. Hurreiz
1999-12sub - saharan Africa in the 21st century : Back to colonialismMohammed Hashim Awad
2013Subsurface Imaging Using TEM Sounding DataGuoqiang Xue; Elzein Mohammed2; Xiu Li; Wenbo Guo
2018-12Subsurface Structural Mapping and Hydrocarbon Potentiality Using Seismic Data in Sudanese Red Sea Coastal PlainEltayib, S.H.M.; Al-Imam, O.A.O.; Abdelrahman, E.M.; Ibrahim, A.S.M
2006-06sudan : toward a resolution of the conflict in the south recent mediation Efforts By neighboring countries and the U.S.Kinfe Abraham
2010-12Sudan Media Operational Philosophy: A Paradigm of Incompatibility between Western Theory and Eastern PracticeMuhammad Kabir Yusuf
2003-06Sudan Pace Act ( Introduced in the House ) HR 5531 1H - 107 th congress-
2006-01Sudan Response to HIV EpidemicMohammed Ahmed Abdulhafeez
2016-06Sudan`s Relations with the West (1989-2014)Elshafie Mohamed Elmakki
1996-01The Sudanese Charater Between The Pressures of Moderenity and Innvoation ProjectHassan Mekki