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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Study of the Recycle and Reuse of Domestic WastesAeisha Adam Osman Abdelkreem
2013-06A Study of Tunisia’s Educational Reform EffortsKHALED TROUDI
2019Study The Effect of Nano-Titanium Dioxide as Antibacterial through Modeling and SimulationMontsir Adam Mohammed Adam
2017Study the Effect of X-Ray on Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) NPN 129Asia Ibrahim Arbab Abdalla
2006Stuies in African applied FolkloreSayyid H. Hurreiz
1999-12sub - saharan Africa in the 21st century : Back to colonialismMohammed Hashim Awad
2013Subsurface Imaging Using TEM Sounding DataGuoqiang Xue; Elzein Mohammed2; Xiu Li; Wenbo Guo
2018-12Subsurface Structural Mapping and Hydrocarbon Potentiality Using Seismic Data in Sudanese Red Sea Coastal PlainEltayib, S.H.M.; Al-Imam, O.A.O.; Abdelrahman, E.M.; Ibrahim, A.S.M
2006-06sudan : toward a resolution of the conflict in the south recent mediation Efforts By neighboring countries and the U.S.Kinfe Abraham
2010-12Sudan Media Operational Philosophy: A Paradigm of Incompatibility between Western Theory and Eastern PracticeMuhammad Kabir Yusuf
2003-06Sudan Pace Act ( Introduced in the House ) HR 5531 1H - 107 th congress-
2006-01Sudan Response to HIV EpidemicMohammed Ahmed Abdulhafeez
2016-06Sudan`s Relations with the West (1989-2014)Elshafie Mohamed Elmakki
1996-01The Sudanese Charater Between The Pressures of Moderenity and Innvoation ProjectHassan Mekki
2004-12Sudanese Crisis : a Concerned Sudanese Point of ViewHassan Makki Mohammed Ahmed
2016-11A Suggested Programme for Teacher Professional Development for Secondary Schools' Teachers in Khartoum StateAl-Rasheed Habboub Mohammed Al-Hussein
2006-11the Supremacy of the Malikite Trend in Africa , south of the Desert Under the Sovereidnty of Islamic KingdomsMohammed Abu Mohammed Imam
2018-12Survey of Steganography TechniquesMohammed Salah AbdalazizKhaleel; Saif Eldin Fattoh Osman
2016A Survey on Approximation Theory and MethodsMohammed Elmahi Abdelgany Elhassan
2013-06Sustainability of the livelihood strategies of the internally displaced residents of Soba El Aradi settlement in Khartoum State, SudanAwadalla Mohamed Saeed; Dalia Elmughira Ali