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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-12Towards Re -Americanizing African Universities who Kill Intellectualism in the post Colonial EraAli Mazrui
2004-03Towards re Africanizing African universities : who killed intellectualism in the post colonial eraAli A. Mazrui
2005-06Training : Key to Development in the Southern SudanAbednego Akoko Kacual
2006-01Tranculturalism in Post independence Zimbabwean Drama projection of Zimbabwean theatre at the onset of anew MillenniumOwens Seda
2004-01Transfer of Literacy SkillsMohammed Hamden Alghazo
2017-06Translation of Scientific and Technological Terms into Hausa Language: A guide to Hausa Language Translator in an Electronic Media (Radio)Ladan Surajo
2014translation: At The Center of The Stormجعفر محمود محمد عثمان
2016translation: At The Center of The Stormجبريل حسن
2015translation: At the center of the storm, by George Tenet with Bill Harlowنذار محمد توتو
2015Translation: Child Care and Management From Birth to Adolescence Section 4 Emotional Development and Character Trainingحسن محمدالحسن محمد
2015Translation: The bridge of San Luis Reyتسنيم محمد عثمان
2015translation: Water wars (حروب المياه)فاطمة عبدالسيد كرار كردي
2007-12The Transmission of Arabo - Islam Sciences into Western Europe special Reference to the Role of SicilyYusuf Fadl Hasan
2006-01The Transmission of Islamic Learning in Zanzibar 19th - 20th century Achievements , Problems and ChallengesIssa H.Ziddy
2006-01Transportation and Communication key for Cultural inter communication between the peoples and ststes of the Nile Basin : study case of Egypt and SudanAl Saaid Ibrahim Badawi
2019-02Traversing the Road Less Travelled: An Excursion into the Educational Philosophy of Prof.Ali MazruiSaheed Ahmad Rufai
2016Treat women's hair (in the chin) using Nad: Laser YagIslam Ezaldeen Ahmed Mahmoud
2016Treatment of Saline Water in South Khartoum SectorEthar Ali Abbas
2016Treatment of Women Hair (in chin) Using Nd:EslamEzaldeen Ahmed Mahmoud