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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-12East Africa and Ancient Arabia Variations in Peace and ConflictAl-Rayah Sanhouri Al-Rayah
2015-10-27The Economic Relations between Turkey and EthiopiaAli Mohamud Muhumed
2006-01Education in african Horn Case of AfricaRezene Habtmariam
2002-12Education in the Southern Sudan : The roles and policies of Imperialism Missionsm and NationalismNasir Elseed
2015-10-27The Educational Relation Between Turkey and Africa (The Case of Sudan)Omer Ahmed Saeed
2012Effect of Bee Stings on Thyroid Function in Hyperthyroid WomenElsrrag. M.S; Hamed M.A.R; Elmahdi B.H; Elsheikh O.M
2019Effect of Diode lasers (675nm&820nm) in hardness Of Glass lonomer Cement (GIC) For Dental FillingAmjad Elshakh Ibraheem Mohammed Elamin
2019Effect of Extraction Techniques on Yield, Quality and Biological Activity of Lemongrass Essential OilHuda Yousif Abdallah Mohammed
2018Effect of Gamma Radiation on Human Blood Components (RBCs, WBCs, PLT, Enzyme)Lena Mustafa Mazz Alhag
2017Effect of Hyperprolactinaemia on Semen Analysis Parameters (Semen Volume, SpermCount, Sperm Motility ,Sperm Morphology) in Reproductive Health Care Center2017Nada Daffalla Ahmed
2020Effect of Hypertension on Glomerular Filtration Rate and Serum Electrolytes (Na+ and K+) among hypertensive Sudanese Patients at Omdurman Military Hospital.Amell Osman Suliman Musa
2014-12The effect of load, temperature and misalignment on cooper split roller-bearings vibrational levelsHassan Khalifa Osman
2017The Effect of Low Electromagnetic Field on Albumin Concentration in Wistar Albino RatsAbdelazem Eldouma Adam Mohamed
2018The Effect of Moderate Exercise on Blood Pressure, pulse Rate, Peak Expiratory Flow and Anthropometrics Measurement among Medical Students at International University of AfricaEltaybe Elmamoun Elsir karar
2019Effect of Obesity on Females Hormones among patients attended Dr. Elsir Fertility Center 2017Rania Attalla Mohamed
2019Effect of Physiochemical Parameters, Chemical Parameters and Pesticides Residual on Drinking Water in El-Managil Area, Algazeera State, SudanAbdou, H.A.M; Ali, E.A; Abdul-Aziz M.E
2018Effect of Potassium Bromate on the Liver of Wistar ratsAlrasheid Abdalla Hamad Hassan
2015-10Effect of Seed Polymorphism on Germination and Growth Peroformnce of Acacia senegal L.WilldS.El-Tigani; Yahia H. Ali
2011Effect of Sex Steroid Hormones on the Morphological Features of Intact and Castrated Rat Prostate GlandEffect of Sex Steroid Hormones on the Morphological Features of Intact and Castrated Rat Prostate Gland; Mohamed Elzain Mohamed Hamid