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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01Palabere Et Education En Afrique : Approche PhilosophiqueApangi, Khamwizikh Maoinaecha
2018-12Paleographic Development During the Deposition of the Clastic :Elamein A. M; Nafi. M.; Ali O. E.
2018-07Palm Vein Recognition: A ReviewSelma Elnasir; Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin
2019-01Palynological Evidence of a Campanian-Maastrichtian age of Shendi Formation, Central SudanEisawi, A.A.M.
2013-01The Paradox of Muhammad (SAW) Roots of Prophetic Hate and Love in the WestZulfiqar Ali Shah
2020Party Politics and Democracy in Northern Nigeria 1951-1983Muhammad Alhaji Bello
2015Pathway of the BirdsElsadeg Noreldin Abuelhassn Mohamed Nor
2017Patient Radiation Dose Assessment in Routine Pelvic X-ray Examination in Selected Hospitals in Khartoum State = تقييم جرعة الأشعاع للمريض خلال الفحص الروتيني للحوض بالأشعة السينية في مستشفيات مختار بولاية الخرطوم-
2000-06Peace - Building in Heterogeneous Commuities of south sudan : the Role or local councilsSamson Samuel Wasssra
2013-07Performance of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) in Amended Sandy SoilAmna Jubara Ali; Mubarak Abdelrahman Abdalla
2012-12Performance on Groundnut Recommended Cultural Practices by Rahad Agricultural Scheme FarmersEl Badawi K. H. Khalifa
2016The Pharmacological Activities of New Synthetic Compounds, in vitro and in vivo StudiesMazin Yousif Babiker Alsafi
2016Pharmacological Evaluation of Synthetic New Fenamic Acid Amide Pro-drugsSamrin Khalil Nogd Alla Ahmed
2016Pharmacological Investigations and LD50 Determination of New Amide Prodrug of IbuprofenMawahib Elmutasim Hassan Abdalla Elfeil
2017pharmacology studies on the anticonvulsant potential of some medicinal herbs marketed in sudanAhmed Babiker Mohamed Abdelgadir
2017Physicochemical Comparison Between Recycled and Straight Run Polypropylene YarnAbdalaziz Mohammed Seddeg Adam
2018Physicochemical properties and GC/MS Analysis of BT cotton seed oilWalaa Ahmed Mohamed Alhussien
2018Physicochemical properties and GC/MS Analysis of BT cotton seed oilWalaa Ahmed Mohamed Alhussien
2010Physicochemical Stability of ZnS Quantum Dots Stabilized by Gum ArabicHatim Mohamed El-Khair Dirar
2017Physiochemical properties and biological activity of coffee seed fixed oilSana Ali Mohammed Siddig