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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Satisfaction among Medical Students regarding Curriculum and Teaching MethodologyAala Mohmed Osman Maisara
2016The Secrets of College Success: OVER 600 TIPS & TRICKS REVEALED =Ali Mohammed Ahmed Ba Hashwan
2019Sedimentary Facies & Depositional Environment of Shendi Formation , AL- Musauwarat/ Umm Ali Area, Sudan.Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Abujaball
2013Seed Characterization and Dormancy Breaking of Terminalia laxiflora Engl. and DielsMai.M.A.Hassan; Sayda Mahgoub; Nada Babiker
2014SEEKING SANCTURY Journeys to Sudan Written by: Hilda Reilyعصـام الدين التجاني أصـيل حامد
2017Selenium status in pregnant Sudanese womenEbtihal Yagoub Ahmad
2018-08Semantic Analysis of Arabic Words in Hausa and Kiswahili LanguagesAbdulRazaq Mohammed Katibi
2018Sero-detection of Antiphospholipid Antibodies and Anticardiolipin Antibodies among Spontaneous Recurrent Miscarriage and Non- Miscarriage Women in AL- Gezira State (2017)Naseem Saeed Murshed Saeed AL-Ziadi
2020Seroperevelance of Hepatitis C and Cytomegalovirus Infection In Hemodialysis Machine in Khartoum StateZainab Ibrahim Mousa Ali
2016Seroprevalence of Celiac Disease among Helicobacter Pylori Infection in Sudanese Patients in Khartoum Statehala jabrallah mohammed toka
2017Serum lipid profile and prevalence of obesity among Sudanese adults in KhartoumABDALLA YAHYA ABAKER HASSAN
2006-11-26Shiekh AGeeb almanjulk : the Abdallab leader (1504-1611) A AMB of his charismaAmb-Mubarak Adam Alhadi
2015-06Sierrleon Diamonds and Civil war ( 1991 - 2002 )Fisal Hassan Alshaikh
2011Simultaneous Analysis of Cypermethrin and Fenvalerate Residues in Tomato after Field Treatment by Gas ChromatographyMahgoub Ibrahim Shinger
2006-11situation sociale de l'islam au Congo avant et après l'indépendanceRamadhani Issa
1993-07social function of religion : integrative for disruptiveIdris Salim El Hassan
2003-12Soil Fertility Management practiced by the Farmers River nile the newly Reclaimed Terraces LandMahammed Gamal Ahmed Younis
2018Solid Dispersion Technique for Solubility Enhancement of IbuprofenSalma Khalaf Alla Koko Ahmed
2017Solution of TheHypergeometrical Differential Equation and SomeDifferentialEquation Related ITAhmed Mohamed Ishag Ahmed