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Title: الإدمان : (1 -69) للكاتب : مصطفي محمد ابوبكر عبد الرحمن
Authors: ملهمة صلاح الدين عبد الله سرور
Keywords: المخدرات
الإدمان علي المخدرات والنيكوتين والكحول والإنترنت
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جــامـعـة افريقيــا العالميـــــة - عمادة الـدراسـات الـعـلـيـا- كلية الآداب
Abstract: The human brain is an extraordinarily complex and fine - tuned communications network made up of billions of cells that govern our thoughts , emotions , perceptions , and drives . Our brains reward certain behaviors such as eating or procreating registering these as pleasurable activities that we want to repeat . Any kind of addiction taps into these vital mechanisms geared for our survival . although not a life necessity , to an addicted person , it becomes life itself , driving the compulsive use of drugs or any kind of addiction even in the face of dire life consequences . This research aims to defining addiction and related terms such as psychological dependency , Physical Dependence and Tolerance , and the relation between addiction and genes beside other factors that can contribute to the appearance of addiction , in terms of identifiable biological, psychological , and spiritual characteristic . The first chapter includes definition of the causes of addiction. The second chapter includes drugs, alcohol , nicotine and internet in depth , What are they ? What are their effects ? In the third chapter includes methods for drug. alcohol nicotine and the internet, are outlined . chapter four proposes a number of recommendations.
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