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Title: دور وسائل الإعلام السودانية في الحد من ظاهرة النزوح بولاية الخرطوم : دراسة تطبيقية على برامج إذاعة ولاية الخرطوم الموجهة للنازحين بولاية الخرطوم منطقة مايو خلال الفترة 2018– 2019 م
Authors: فاطمة عباس النور عبد الرازق
Keywords: الاعلام
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعة أفريقيا العالمية ـ عمادة الدراسات العليا ـ كلية الإعلام ـ قسم الإذاعة والتلفزيون
Abstract: Title: The role of Sudanese mass media in limiting displacement phenomena in Khartoum state. By: Fatima Abass Alnor Supervisor: Dr. Abdelmulla Musa Mohammed This study titled the role of Sudanese mass media in limiting displacement phenomena in Khartoum state.the study importance rooted from the broadcasting role in awareness increase and increasing of displacement phenomenon. The study aimed to identify the efforts that broadcasting play to increase awareness and the effects arising in social, economical and cultural sides and the directed programmes. The researcher followed the descriptive analytical method, and uses the questionnaire as the main tool for data collection. The questionnaire designed by the researcher and approved and validated experts and professional, the distributed among (58) participants from leaders and tribres guiders. The collected data statistically analyzed by frequencies, percentages, measns and standard deviations. The research came out with some results; the most important are: the directed programs have good level of listing among displacers; the political programs satisfy listener willings by (50%). The study recommended; necessity of awaring for hman resources in preparing and presenting the directed programs, and training and qualification of cadres on preparing political and cultural programs that satisfy the local community.  
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