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Title: تصميم برنامج تفاعلي على الأندر ويد لتنمية التفكير الاستنتاجي في قواعد النحو وفق نظرية سنكر : طالبات الصف الأول الثانوي بمحلية خشم القربة – ولاية كسلا أنموذجاً
Authors: حسن سليم حسن محمد
Keywords: 1 تكنولوجيا التعليم
2 التصميم التعليمي
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعـة إفـريقيـا العــالميـةـ عمادة الدراسة العليا والبحث العلم والنشر ـ كليـة التربية ـ قسم تكنولوجيا التعليم
Abstract: Educational technology abstract concerns has been increasing at all educational systems in the world to became a necessary because of it’s in-built power to improve both teaching and learning processes this concern emersed as a result of the huge developments that took place in the field of information technology and communications and because of the increasing need to modernize human workforce skills , from this point , the idea of this This research come to (being an interactive program on Android to develop a deductive thinking in grammar according to skinner Theory. This study is an attempt to shed light on how echnology can help in the development and improvement of teaching and learning processes mainly the deductive thinking which is considered as being one of the critical thinking skills on which the study focuses. The educators’ interactive educational environment to attract the awareness of students and encourage them to exchange ideas and experiences. Operating Android system and its various compounds is considered to be the most successful means for this rich educational environment. Therefore, the researcher arms to make use of this technology and it’s a characteristic and widespread usage. The researcher uses the semi-experimental method suitable to the research filled and the Android programming as well as using the California standard for the critical thinking skills. The researcher selected a specific sample to perform the experiment and it is divided into two groups: A group of twenty students taught by a teacher in school using the traditional system in teaching, whilst the experimental group of twenty students has been taught by android system program. Then the two groups subjected to after standard resulted in the effective program in teaching and widespread educational process. The researcher states that through the criteria of the research arrived to results showing differences in critical thinking standards among the students of the secondary first-class students in the afterwards scaling and the Scanner theory contributes in designing an interactive program in the grammar for the first secondary class which has a great influence on the success and progress of the experimental group than the other one. Teachers have positive attitudes towards the use of the designed program on Android in teaching and the interactive program achieves its goals for the student and the educational content. also, the designed program on Android permits learning according to the speed of the learner in comprehension. The activities of the designed program on Android develop the ability of deductive thinking for students. The experiment depicts the high capacity in using the digital devices.
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