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Title: فاعلية العلاقات العامة في تطوير سياسات المؤسسات العامة دراسة وصفية تحليلية بالتطبيق على وزارة الإعلام الاتحادية من 2017م – 2019م
Authors: حسن إسماعيل أدم جودات
Keywords: الاعلام
العلاقات العامة
المؤسسات العامة
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية ـ عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي والنشر ـ كلية الإعلام ـ قسم العلاقات العامة والإعلان
Abstract: This research aims to identify the effectiveness of public relations in developing the performance of public institutions through a descriptive and analytical study by applying to the Federal Ministry of Information. An objective evaluation of this effectiveness is reached and a study of aspects of the possibility of optimizing the use of public relations activities and programs in developing the performance of .public institutions policies To achieve this, the study sought to answer a set of questions, the most important of :which are To what extent can public relations contribute to the development of policies in public institutions through their activities and programs based on scientific ?foundations - How is the process of objective evaluation of the performance of public relations in public institutions and measuring the effectiveness of this performance in achieving ?development and support for policies The student used the descriptive approach and its analytical method, which includes the study of current facts related to the nature of a specific phenomenon, situation or problem, then analysis, interpretation and drawing conclusions. To collect information and data, then use the questionnaire as a main tool, with the use of scientific observation and scientific interview as auxiliary tools. The study relied on the method of selecting samples, and the selection fell on the stratified sample, which is based on the division of society into homogeneous layers. The study included in its methodological, theoretical and practical framework: Four chapters in which proportionality is achieved. After analysis and interpretation, the :study came out with a set of results, the most important of which are the following The study showed that the Public Relations Department of the Ministry is not -interested in conducting evaluation research to know the opinions of the Ministry's employees, with a rate of 27.5%. - The study showed that the Public Relations Department in the Ministry is based to some extent on achieving the Ministry's objectives, with a percentage of 42.5% as the highest percentage. - The study revealed that the percentage of undergraduate learners in the ministry amounted to 52.5%, while the percentage of university students reached 47.5%, and that the percentage of undergraduate education reached 0%, and this is clear evidence that employees in the ministry have academic expertise. The study also came out with a number of recommendations, the most important of :which are the following The Public Relations Department of the Ministry should seek to develop the - Ministry's general policies in order to advance them. A clear and appropriate structure must be developed for the public relations department in the ministry, provided that the public relations department is with the .higher management The Public Relations Department of the Ministry should pay attention to scientific .research to upgrade and advance the administration
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