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Title: فاعلية البرامج الإذاعية المسموعة في تعزيز الوعي البيئي:دراسة وصفية تحليلية بالتطبيق علي برنامج محيط الكون بإذاعة القضارف في الفترة من 2019-2020م = The Effectiveness of Audio Radio Programs in Promoting Environmental Awareness (An analytical Discriptive Study Applied to The "Ocean of The Universe" Program at Al-Gedaref Radio During The Period)
Authors: هدى كمال آدم على
Keywords: البرامج الإذاعية
الوعي البيئي
التغطية الإعلامية
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العــالمية- عمادة الدراسـات العـــليا والبحث العلمي- كـــــــــلية الإعلام- قســــــم الإذاعة والتلفاز
Abstract: The study dealt with the effectiveness of audio radio programs in promoting environmental awareness (an analytical descriptive study of the application on the Ocean of the Universe program at Gadaref Radio in the period from 2019-2020 AD). The problem of the study is that radio programs must raise environmental awareness among the public, which raises the question to what extent The audio radio programs have succeeded in enhancing the environmental awareness of community members in Gedaref? The study aimed to identify radio programs in promoting environmental awareness, to know the role of the media’s effectiveness in communicating its media message and to raise awareness and awareness of the seriousness of environmental problems that Sudan is exposed to, to identify the extent of the radio programs ’interest in environmental issues and problems, to identify the extent of the audience's interaction with programs The radio, especially the Ocean of the Universe program, evaluating the contribution of radio programs to the audience's acquisition of positive trends towards the environment, identifying the types of environmental problems presented in the Ocean of the Universe program, identifying the extent to which the Periphery of the Universe program takes into account the individual differences of the audience. The study followed the descriptive and analytical approach to analyze the study data that was collected through the questionnaire and the interview from a sample size (100) using the statistical program (SPSS). The study concluded that the percentage of listening to the Gedaref local radio station is high according to the studied sample, as the percentage of those who listen to the radio always reached 55.5% and sometimes 42%. Cultural programs occupied the first place in the programs that they listen to, followed by news, and then the rest of the programs. Environmental problems are one of the favorite topics for listeners. Interaction and dialogue in the ocean universe program. The lack of sufficient environmental programs in Radio Gedaref is one of the obstacles to spreading environmental awareness. The study recommended the enactment of environmental protection laws. The need to pay attention to the number of environmental programs presented on the radio to increase environmental awareness. To benefit from specialists in how to deal with environmental problems. Taking into account the appropriate time to broadcast environmental programs for the benefit of the listeners. Organizing opinion polls for the public to find out their views on the presented environmental issues and their problems, and conducting studies on the extent to which the public benefits from the performance of the media in the environmental field. Giving civil society and its institutions the opportunity to participate in their responsibilities towards preserving the environment and spreading environmental awareness.
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