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Title: إيراد الخلاف وتوجيهه بين ابن الجوزي وابن كثير في تفسيريهما في الجزء الثلاثين من القرآن الكريم :دراسة تحليلية مقارنة
Authors: عيسى علي عبد الله
Keywords: تفسيري ابن الجوزي وابن كثير
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية -عمادة الدراسات العليا والنشر والبحث العلمي- كلية القرآن الكريم- قسم التفسير وعلوم القرآن
Abstract: Verily, Ibn Jauziy and Ibn Kathir's interpretation of Qur'an are among the most important books of Orthodox Qur'anic interpretation which considers the quoting the difference in opinion of Predecessors in Qur'anic interpretation, Therefore, the topic of the research subject was chosen : Advances in the difference and guidance between Ibn Jauziy and Ibn Kathir in their Qur'anic interpretation of the 30 Juz'u of the Qur'an "analytical comparative research" The main motive of establishing this research is to reach the difference between the two Qur'anic interpretations, because their methodology of dealing with difference of Qur'anic Interpreters has a great disparity, in which each of them pay more attention on a particular section, which result in combining both of them, a means of differentiating them. The research aims at providing a brief biography of Ibn Jauziy and Ibn Kathir and their Qur'anic interpretation and their methodology. Also, explanation of the meaning of "Difference" from the side of Qur'anic interpreters, and its causes, and forms. Then, the research mentioned the difference in opinions among Predecessors on Ibn Jauziy and Ibn Kathir's Interpretations of Qur'an and providence of more guidance explanation to them. I followed in this research the inductive, descriptive, analytical and comparative methodology of research. The research comprises of six chapters: Chapter one consists of the Research Basics, while chapter two, the researcher connotes the previous researches on the aforementioned topic, chapter three deals with the Biography of both Ibn Jauziy and Ibn Kathir and brief explanation of their books of Qur'anic interpretations and also the difference of opinion of Qur'anic interpreters and it forms and causes, while chapter four, five and six deals with what Ibn Jauziy and Ibn Kathir quote on the difference of opinion among the Predecessors on their Qur'anic interpretation and it explanation. Then the researcher concludes the research with the following results: The majority of the difference in opinion between Predecessors of Qur'anic interpreters is among the difference of form or similes not opposite difference, and Ibn Jauziy and Ibn Kathir's Qur'anic interpretation comprises of mostly all the sayings in other books of Qur'anic interpretations, and both the books are in the category of orthodox Qur'anic interpretation with Ibn Jauziy's interpretation mentioned all the sayings of scholars pertaining the verses but he does not Esperance most of the time, except in rear cases where he make Esperance at the beginning, while Ibn Kathir mentioned all the opinions usually is known for making Esperance after mentioning them in such a way that the verse align with the verse if it can, or make Esperance if the verse can't be align. The researcher recommend student of knowledge to give more attention on knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence, knowledge of Qur'anic interpretation and commentary at large and particularly Ibn Jauziy and Ibn Kathir's books of Qur'anic interpretations and make research on other angles in this Qur'anic interpretation books, like "Arabic syntax", correlation of verses and different styles of recitation etc. also, establishment of research encyclopedia responsible for difference of Qur'anic interpretators.
Appears in Collections:أطروحات الدكتوراه

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