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Title: تصميم برنامج لتدريس مقرر التجويد بإستخدام العرض التقديمى بالتطبيق على الصف الخامس بمرحلة الأساس
Authors: حسن سليم حسن
Keywords: فعالية التدريس
الفروق التحصيلية بين التلاميذ
Issue Date: Jan-2021
Publisher: الخرطوم : جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - كلية التربية
Series/Report no.: العدد;9
Abstract: The technological development was like a qualitative shift of mankind from the era of tradition to the age of innovation and invention, and that led the educators and those who carry out the educational process, to utilize technology in teaching. Hence the idea of this research which entitled: Designing a program to teach the Tajweed course using the presentation by applying to Grade 5 at the basic stage. The researcher explained the historical assets of the concept of educational technology, teaching aids, educational design using references sources and the previous research . The researcher prepared the research using the experimental approach to its approval of the nature of the research and the use of test and programming tools. The test shows the levels of students and the percentage of their educational achievement and the educational programming to determine the success of the program designed in teaching. The researcher chose a certain sample for the purpose of the experiment. The sample was divided into two groups: a control group taught by the teacher of the material in the school in the usual system of teaching, while the researcher taught the experimental group the program designed using a program designed on the presentation and display through the projector and then the two sets underwent to a remote testing highlighting the role of the program designer with a great impact on teaching and the educational process in a wide way .
ISSN: 1858 - 8956
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