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Title: تقويم كتاب قواعد النحو للصف الأول الثـانـوي مـن وجـهة نــظر المعلميـن: محلية جبل اولياء- وحدة الأزهري
Authors: خالدة محمد شرف الدين الدود
Keywords: التربية
المناهج وطرائق التدريس
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعة أفريقيا العالمية ـ عمادة الدراسات العليا ـ كلية التربية ـ قسم المناهج وطرائق التدريس
Abstract: The study aimed at (evaluating the grammar book for the first secondary class from the teachers' point of view - Jabal Awliya locality - Al-Azhari Unit) in terms of form, output and inclusions, and to identify its objectives and suitability for the objectives of the Arabic language and to reveal the suitability of its content to the needs of students, and the nature of the teaching methods used And evaluation methods used. To achieve these goals, the researcher followed the descriptive method, and used the (questionnaire) as a study tool, and it was applied to the random sample of teachers of the Arabic language in the secondary class in Al-Azhari Unit in Jabal Awliya locality, whose number is (50), and it was processed statistically by a group of statistical packages. The study found the following results: - The grammar book for the first class of secondary school is characterized by quality in terms of form, output and inclusions. The objectives of the book are clear and comprehensive for the cognitive, emotional and skill aspects, the content of the book does not meet the needs of students, the teaching methods used help students understand the subject matter, the methods of evaluation used achieve the objectives of the subject. The study ended with some recommendations, including: - Linking the goals of the book's topics to the objectives of the course, and the balance between comprehensiveness and depth when reviewing the content and the need to take into account the content to suit the needs of students, and pay attention to the graduation of the content in its topics and their interconnectedness with each other. فهرس الموضوعات
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