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Title: كتاب النحو للصف الثاني الثانوي :دراسة تقويمية من وجهة نظر المعلمين
Authors: رشا حمد محمد يونس
Keywords: تقويم النّحو للصّف الثّاني الثّانوي
المناهج- طرائق التدريس
علم النّحو
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية- عمادة الدراسات العليا- كليـــــة التربيــــة- قسم مناهج وطرائق التدريس
Abstract: The study reviews the topic of grammar course book for the second grade secondary (an evaluation study from the teachers' point of view). This study aims to evaluate the grammar course book in addition to knowing its objectives, importance, and content of the book and to review the most appropriate teaching methods and types of evaluation that help in measuring students ’academic achievement. The importance of this study lies in the fact that the textbook is one of the basics of applied teaching in educational curricula, which makes the educational curriculum the basis for the educational process, which contributes to the promoting of the student's mental abilities. The methodology of this study includes descriptive and analytical method , questionnaire was also used as a tool to collect data from the sample, which consists of (40) teachers (male& famle). The most important results of this study are as follows: 1. Goals of the grammar course are clear and specific to the teacher and the student, because the course was developed according to the required goals. 2. The course of the texts book includes grammar rules, but it briefly deals with the grammar. 3. Grammar course contains only two lessons in grammar, while the rest contains morphology rules. 4. The measurement method used is the best compared to other methods used in teaching grammar. 5. The course does not contain enough exercises. Most important recommendations of this study are as follows: 1- Adding course in grammar so that a balance is made between grammar . 2- The new edition of the grammar book should be returned and the content must be revised. 3- Curriculum and Scientific Research Department when wont to evaluate textbook by developing a questionnaire to find out the criticism directed by the teacher in order to verify its validity and treat it properly
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