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Title: الذمة المالية للزوجة في الفقه الإسلامي
Authors: مودة بنت طلال بن عباس بن عبد الرحمن إسحاق
Keywords: الفقه الإسلامي
حقوق الزوجة - الفقه الإسلامي
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية- عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي والنشر- كلية الشريعة والقانون- قسم الشريعة
Abstract: Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and blessings and peace be upon the most honorable messenger, our master Muhammad bin Abdullah, his family, companions, and those who follow: This research, the subject of "the wife's financial responsibility in Islamic jurisprudence", provided an update on the requirements of the master's degree in the Department of Sharia, at the Faculty of Sharia and Law at the International University of Africa under the supervision of Dr. Ishaq Mahmoud Muhammad, and the reason for my choice of the topic of the research was the importance of the wife's case and her financial liability and my interest in her, as it became work The concern of some, and there are those who used it as a pretext to attack Islam, because this issue is one of the greatest challenges of the age facing humanity, and to achieve this research the researcher used the inductive approach based on extrapolating the previous rulings of the topic of the research, and the research included four chapters and a conclusion. In the first chapter, I talked about the basics of previous research and studies, and in the second chapter about the concept of responsibility and money, the wife’s right to own property, and the independence of her financial responsibility, and in the third chapter, she talked about the symptoms of the wife’s financial liability, and finally, in the fourth chapter, she dealt with the financial relationship between spouses. Among the results: the advancement of Islam and its justice in its view of the wife, and he granted her the rights and financial responsibility that is specific to her and independent, just like the man, so he affirmed the rights known and stipulated for the wife. Likewise, her right to inheritance, and Islam does not lose a married woman any of her name or her capacity to contract, not even her right to own property, but after marriage she retains her name and the name of her family, as well as her full civil rights, bearing obligations, and carrying out all contracts of sale, purchase, mortgage, gift, will, etc. And she also has her own wealth and financial liability, independent of her husband, and it is not permissible for the husband to take anything from her money except by mutual consent, and it is not permissible for the husband to prevent his wife from disposing of her money, for she has full capacity as a man and complete freedom to dispose of her money without anyone's interference. Among the recommendations were: The researcher directed recommendations to governmental and private institutions working and interested in women's rights, academics, students of knowledge, and researchers in the field of women, as the researcher considers the need to direct governmental and private institutions concerned with women's work to invest in the media of all kinds, visual, audio and readable, to educate women in general and the wife In particular, holding educational seminars and lectures for those who are about to get married to clarify the provisions of their money, with the aim of enlightening and educating the community, male and female, of their rights and duties, and stressing the importance of cooperation with academics in allocating lessons and lectures on topics related to money between spouses and their guidance On how to end the differences between them, he urged students of forensic science, especially postgraduate students, to research topics related to the issue of the wife and her rights.
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