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Title: المضامين التربوية في الحكم العطائية:دراسة تحليلية
Authors: أحمد الطيب علي الطيب يوسف
Keywords: المضامين التربوية
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Citation: جمهـــــورية الســــودان- جامعـة أفريقيـا العالميـة- كليـــة التربيــــة- قسم أصـول التربيــة
Abstract: This research came under the title (Educational Contents of Ibn Ata Allah – An analytical study). The researcher used the descriptive method, and the aim of the research was to identify the contents contained in the book of withtors and its importance, and also to identify the aspects that these contents took into account in terms of their relevance to the various aspects of a Muslim's life, and the extent of their influence in his personality, in addition to extracting the contents of the teacher and among the most important results he reached included the withoms of Ibn Ata Allah, on educational nuenrs for the gonophore and the learner. Including humility oneself contort and the learner. Including hambluser's oneself good treatment. The study also enticement and intimidation, and from enticement comes the encouragement to remember God, and incitement to urge trust in God. The most important recommendations of the researcher were to find without of Ibn Ata Allah, which is of benefit to him that he only know who depends on it, and understands it. He also recommended the ministry of education to add some of the judgment of Ibn Ata Allah in the course so that the students benefit from it. As he recommended by placing some of Ibn Ata Allah's judgment on no crumbs that are attached inside the school so that everyone who looks at it will preserve it, as it may be a reason for his love for this ruling
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