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Title: جهود ابن كمال باشا في التفسير
Authors: تحسين أحمد محمد أحمد
Keywords: علوم القرآن
تفسير القرآن
كمال على الزمخشري
الزمخشرى في البلاغة
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: جـــامعــة أفريقــــيا العــــالمــــــية - كلية الشريعة والدراسات الإسلامية - قسم الــــدراســــات الإســـــلامـــية
Abstract: Abstrac Title: Ibn Kamal Basha efforts in interpretation Researcher: Tahseen Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed This research contains a statement of the efforts of ibn kamal basha in interpretation and indicates the importance of these efforts in the interpretive movement and scientific renaissance in this domain. Ibn kamal bash who died in 940 hijri is areal scientist of sunnis and followers as he known, and he is erudite in interpretation and quranic sciences ,and he had grateful and high scientific degree in interpretation that tooked with adage and opinion, an he is also had a good presentation and diligence in the extraction of the rhetorical fine points ,and agreatfull solidity in replaying to the offenders such as (alzamakhshry almoatazaly,alqadi albidawi in interpretation and doctrine and rhetorcal and grammar etc.). On the other hand he had a great effect in interpretation movement activity and others in his time and after ,also he had several books in interpretation and quranic sciences, speech and its sciences, language, arts, philosophy, Sufism, Turkish works. He characterized by his great sensation of art, language ability ,ethics methods, social vision ,asceticism learning ,estem opinion. bravery in right and his humility,quran ethics. Ibn Kamal Basha depend on original resources in interpretation and saying readings, monotheism ,language, grammar; all that increased buty and power to his interpretation This letters came in introduction and three sections, in every section there is a three chapters .and research conclusion ,lastly the results and recommendations. At last this research reveals ibn kamal basha abundance of science and his firmness interpretation. His books must be a references and guideness to the student. Because of that I recommend to realize and spread this interpretations. And guiding the students of jurisprudence sciences an quranic sciences to ibn kamal basha books and get all the benefits from it
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