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acritical.pdf.jpgFeb-1990Acritical survery and analysis of the content of history education in north africa universites including the sudanYusuf Fadl Hasan
research.pdf.jpg2017Activity (vitro test) of Volatile Oil from Cymbopogon proximusMohamed Ahmed Mohamud Malin
Africa post cold.pdf.jpg2000Africa Post Cold War EraHasanat A. Satti; Omar Ahmed Saeed; Altayib M. Osman; Abdel Algayoum A. Alhassn; Yusuf k. Abu rafas
keflem.pdf.jpgJul-2012AFRICAN COOPERATION ON DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT- THE MODEL OF IGAD REGION: (IGAD’S Perspective in Disaster Risk Management)Keflemariam Sebhatu
Africa's Peace and Security Agenda .pdf.jpgDec-2013Africans Peace and Security AgendaFisal Hassan Alshaikh
afro arab.pdf.jpgMar-1989Afro-Arab relations : some conceptual and theoretical considerationsAhmad Muhammad Kani
alquran.pdf.jpg2011Al - Quran : the corrective measure for the 21 st centuryZulfiqar Ali Shah
Amplification of Free Electron due to the Effect Internal Fields.pdf.jpg2010Amplification of Free Electron due to the Effect Internal Fields and ForcesKh.M. Haroun; A. A. Osman; M. D. Abdallah; A. H. Abdelrahman
thises.pdf.jpg2017Analysis of P-phenylenediamine in Commercial :khansa yousif mohammed
2017Analysis of P-phenylenediamine in Commercial Hair Dye and Commercial HennaKhansa Yousif Mohammed
Anatomy of Stem Cuttings in Relation to Adventitious Rooting.pdf.jpg2010Anatomy of stem cuttings in relation to adventitious rooting of some forest treesA/Wadoud A.Elkalifa; Yahia Hamid Ali Elbasheer
paper9.pdf.jpg2012Anticercarial Activity of The Plant Peganum harmala (Harmal) Crude ExtractsOsman, E. A; Koko, W; Mohammed, Z; Galal, M
assylum.pdf.jpgApr-1986Assylum and sanctuary in islamMuddathir Abdel Rahim
دراسات افريقية Abdu Mukhtar العدد34.pdf-8.pdf.jpgDec-2005Background to the formation of the Sudanese identityAbdu Mukhtar
Contents.pdf.jpg2017The Baire Category theorem and its applicationsHoziefa Osama Alsir Saad
بحث زهرة منسق.pdf.jpg2017Biochemical analysis of groundwater for drinking Purpose from south Algazera areaMazaher Yuosuf Mohammad
paper9 _Biochemical and Physiological Characteristics of Escherichia coli isolated from Different Sources _.pdf.jpg2013Biochemical and Physiological Characteristics of Escherichia coli isolated from Different SourcesSherfi S., A; Dirar, H., A; Ibrahim F. Ahmed
paper7 _Biological Control of Striga hermonthica Del. Bendth_.pdf.jpg2013Biological Control of Striga hermonthica Del. Bendth: Screening for Bacteria Scavenging StrigolHiba A. Ali; Hassan B. Elamin1 and Hamid A. Dirar
Cardinal Inequalities of Monotonically Normal Spaces..pdf.jpg2010Cardinal Inequalities of Monotonically Normal SpacesAhmed O. Enubi