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Title: العلاقات العامة في السودان المشكلات والآفاق
Other Titles: دراسة وصفية تحليلة بالتطبيق على عينة من المؤسسات الحكومية والخاصة في الفترة من 2009م ـ 2011م:
Authors: طارق عبد الله عثمان
Keywords: العلاقات العامة
إدارات العلاقات العامة
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الآداب - قسم علوم الاتصال
Abstract: This research deals with public relations in Sudan, Problems, and prospects for the future. It is an empirical study on a sample of governmental and private organizations. The purpose of this study is to identify the significant role played by public relations in the governmental and private sectors, as well as identify the concepts and methods of modern public relations. Researcher aims of this study is to achieve many of the goals and targets and the important of it were : [1] The history and first practicing of public relations in the Sudan. [2] shade a light on the work’s nature of the public relations in some organization in the Sudan. [3] knowing the methods and means which used in order to persuade the internal and external audience the role played by. The researcher used the descriptive analytical and historical approach, also used the tools of observation, interview and questionnaire to gather the information. The most important results of the study were: [1]There is a variation between the study and it's theory and application of it on the real ground, this means that public relations is still shrouded in mystery. [2] Lack of budget for public relations, made sufficient for achieving its activities and program. [3] There are no enough plans in the public relations. The researcher recommended that: [1] The governmental organizations have to constitute public relations managements which take the role of developing and mutuality in all organizations. [2] Constitute a unions and societies for public relations in the Sudanese towns or activate the previous union, beside supporting them with tools which may help to solve the public relations, and to have a house within which to discuss all the problems of public relations in the Sudan with the need to engage and exchange of experiences from outside Sudan for the establishment of lectures, seminars and training, so it becomes like (Lawyers Union, the Union of Journalists, pharmacists Union .... etc.). [3] Build a strong relations between some companies and some institutions to exchange opinions and experiences to avoid mistakes or to avoid them as possible as they can. [4] Good training has to be a available in the institutions by specialized and experts in public relations field.
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