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Title: The Impact of Arabic and Hausa words on Fulani language
Authors: Babiker Hassan Qadrimari
Keywords: Arabi language
Fulani language
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2011
Publisher: كلية الآداب - جامعة إفريقيا العالمية
Abstract: The Fulani language is originally a nomadic language. Thus it is rich in terms of nomadic words, but it is poor in terms of words related to civilization and modern life. Besides the Fulani they are opened memerbers, normally they live with other tribes move than living within themselves only. Thus they brow the habits, culture and languages of the others within the society where they live. So the Fulanis of East; mainly Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Central Africa and Sudan up to Saudi Arabia, all of those Fulanis are in contact with people speaking Hausa or Arabic languages. So they continuously borrow words from Hausa or Arabic languages. This is going on uptil now and in the Future too, in such a way that a good numbers of Fulani gave up most of the Fulani words, then borrowed a lot of Hausa words thus their language became Hausa more than Fulani. This is very true with most of the Fulanis in Nigeria, where as the Fulanis in Sudan with the huge Arabic words they borrowed from Arabic language, the language they speak is Arabic more than Fulfulde (Fulani language.) The impact is expected to be more and more in the future, which is negative towards the Fulani language in the whole East.
ISSN: 18585930
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