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Title: أثر مقاومة التغيير التنظيمي على كفاءة الاداء :
Other Titles: دراسة حالة : شركة شيكان للتأمين 2011-2016م
Authors: أسامة آدم محمد علي
Keywords: كفاءة الأداء
مفاهيم التغيير والمقاومة التنظيمية
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: جامعة أفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا- كلية العلوم الادراية - قسم ادارة الاعمال
Abstract: This research aims to know the resistance to organizational change and its impact on the efficiency of performance in Shiekan Insurance and Reinsurance. The research problem in that organizational change may face resistance from workers has resistance take many forms which affects the efficiency of the performance of employees. The research hypotheses that there is a relationship between the management methods used in organizational change and the reasons for resistance to change from one organization to another. Resistance from one organization to another and may vary as well as the involvement of employees in the change reduces the likelihood of resistance by force and impose change increases the likelihood of resistance and attention to incentives and rewards encourages employees to accept the change. Follow the search descriptive approach and study the situation. The research found a number of findings, including: 1. There are a number of participating permitted to change programs in the institutions levels. 2. There are some factors affecting the participation of workers in decision-making and motivate them to give their suggestions. 3. Some workers tends to approve the change for fear of side effects to express their views. The study came out a set of recommendations including: the organization's success is due to the promotion of the concept of participation in the decision-making process by the administrative leadership at all levels and do some training courses to learn how subordinates decision is made so as not to find resistance. And the need to reconsider some of the rules and regulations that contribute to the reluctance of participation of workers in decision-making. And to accept the institutions change as a natural state of Yemen does not evade them.
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