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Title: حماية حقوق الطفل في المواثيق الدولية والتشريعات التشادية: دراسة مقارنة
Authors: یوسف أحمد محمد آدم
Keywords: حقوق الطفل
حقوق الأطفال - قوانين وتشريعات- تشاد
حقوق الطفل (قانون دولي)
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العميا - كلية الشريعة والقانون - قسم القانون العام
Abstract: The researcher addressed this study, using descriptive approach to handle the topic of children's rights protection and the extent which childrenare protectedin light of the escalation of violence caused by the family and the repercussion of this violence on their basic rights as well as the effects of armed conflicts on international and national level. The study was conducted according to international law in comparison with the provisions of Islamic law in application on Chadian Republic legislation and the extent ofeffectiveness of these laws to protect the rights of the children. The study was divided into four chapters, chapter one handled the research basis which included the introduction, the reasons of choosing the topic, significance and objectives. The researcher addressed therein the problem statement, questions, hypothesis and approach as well as the abstract. Chapter two clarified the general framework to protect childhood rights and included the concept of child in Islamic jurisprudence and law, child general characteristics, child definition in sociology and psychology by tackling the background of children's rights protection particularly the heavenly religions. Chapter three included children's rights protection in Islamic jurisprudence and international law, addressing the rights of the children before and after Islam as well as the guarantees of protection of children's rights in Islam, highlighting the role of the family and the Islamic judiciary in their protection. He also dealt with the protection of children's rights in international convention and mechanisms for the protection of rights. The fourth and final chapter included the protection of the rights of children in the national legislation, focusing on the rights whichcontained in the Chadian Republic legislation and protecting these rights from sexual and economic exploitation.Finally conclusion, results, recommendations , reference contents and annexes
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