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Title: دور التخطيط الإستراتيجي في اداء الموارد البشرية دراسة حالة وزارة الخارجية الفترة من 2008 ـ 2012م
Authors: صفاء بحر الدين عوض شقف
Keywords: إدارة الاعمال
الموارد البشرية
التخطيط الادارة
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الاقتصاد والعلوم السياسية والادارية - قسم الإدارة
Abstract: The study attempts to show the role that strategic planning made in human resources performance. The concept and importance of planning and the fundamentals of strategy were introduced and an attempt was made to link the theories of management with the human resources performance. This was applied to the human resources factor. Asurvey was made to show the theoretical framework of planning, strategy and human resources and to see how it is related to management and planning in the organization and to its many organizational structures. The study concluded that if the importance of strategic planning is appreciated, people will apply it and improve the diplomatic relationships. Good planning can help in boosting skills in self-management to seek excellence when dealing with different social groups and to help in crisis management. As the study tried in the first part of the concept .The importance of planning, kinds, effervescence, and the characteristics of successful planning, purpose and advantage. Then addressed to the origin of the strategy, strategic thought and concept and linking planning strategy. Also tried to study in the second part, the study of human resource strategies and the definition of the human resources strategy. As I tried to study in the third part that deals with the emergence of the study Mahal and structures and to address the study of administrative theories that dealt with human behavior in the organization and then clarify the impact of the theories on the performance of the human resource in the success or performance failures in the organization it has raised a lot of questions and revealed aspects that are still in Studies need to indicate to the application of theories on working as a Sudanese organizations representing Sudan in general and the lack of focus on the theory of limited but should be expanded to include studies of scientific studies and general features of the society in order to reach a human resources development in the methodology of work.
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