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Title: المحكم والمتشابه وأثرهما في التفسيرمن الجزء السادس عشر إلى الجزءالثامن عشر: دراسة تحليلية
Authors: محمد أمين محمدآدم
Keywords: القرآن - تفسير
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الدراسات الإسلامية - قسم االتفسير وعلوم القرآن
Abstract: This research with the topic of basic or fundamental (established meaning) and allegorical and their effects on translation of the Holy Quran , this is a project from the Faculty –( the department of Tafseer ] , among the purposes of this project, is to serve the Holy book of Allah during this research .the researcher has used the descriptive Method and inductive the first chapter reasoning .The research comprises of five chapters, the first chapter contains research methodology, and the second chapter contains two sections being the introduction to basic or fundamental and allegorical and the difference between them.The third chapter contains the types of basic or fundamental and allegorical, chapter four and five is stating some of the allegorical holy Quran chapters and explaining its effluence in translation.Thereseacher concludes stating results, advices and contents.He stated the researcher that the meaning of basic and fundamental in holy Quran is open and explained, and the allegorical means hidden and unknown to some people and the holy Quran stated that the two are basic and fundamental, perfection and quality in its expression and meaning and he describes that all are similar in meanings they look like one another in audacity and inimitability and lack of contradiction and this is general resemblance among the verses of Quran , He also describes that some established meaning for others specialized for some .The meaning of the fundamental, it means the meaning of the verses are cleared and no hiddenness in the verses, special similarity with some verses . the meaning of this resemblance of the verses , is that the verses are similarly hidden . there are two kinds of similarities :1.The real similarity : this is the meaning which none can know the real meaning except Almighty Allah like the attributes of Allah and the condition of the attributes ,2. Comparative similarity: is the one that is hidden for some people but not for others . so its known by those are firmly established in knowledge .This wisdom behind the existing of established meaning and the similarity in the Quran is for testing slaves of Allah in other to know the truthful people from who have aberration in their minds, if he is among the integrity people he will know that the Holy Quran comes from Almighty Allah, and certain that anything from Allah is indeed the truth. But if he is among those people who have aberration in their minds, he will take the similarity of some verses as a means to diacritics of the basic and proving on their distorting in these verses
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