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Title: الآساليب الفىية في ديواني الشاعرين النيجيرين أحمد صابر محمد وعبد الله محمد جاتو :
Other Titles: دراسة أدبية نقدية
Authors: عبد الله بلو عمر
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - كلية الاداب - قسم اللغة العربية
Abstract: This Study dealt with the artistics technique in the poetry of two Nigerians poets : Ahmad Saber Muhammad and Abdullahi Muhammad Jatau , In their two collection , after providing the basics of the research . and historical biography of the poets , their literary and scientific work , and the factors that made them poets , the study reviewed there levels of the stylistic research : compositional characteristics ,artistic styles , semantic componants ,vocal level , with its internal and external rhythm , then image level , and then unveiling the mental image of poetry and means of construction and statement . The aim of the research is to find out techniques for effective impact on the aesthetics of the production of two poets ,and to highlight terms of personal and creative side , to discover the suggestive energies latent in the language of the poets .The study reached to many findings , of the most important : - Highlighting the genius of the poets of Sokoto City ,and the extent of how they are effected by Arabs poet , especially in the eras: the pre-Islamic and Islamic . - Emulation of the old poetry and renewal in some arts and poetic meanings. - The conclusion to judge the poems of the two collections , of their literary values and technique – positively and negatively – in terms of poems in the two collection . ح - Facilitate realizing the meaning of poems of the two collections , through presentation of their forms and rhetorical technique of poets . - Prevailing of the rhythm structure in the collections . - Hints of religious and literary texts and call for traditional figures . - Employment of ancient and modern preview means in the formation of the poetic image
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