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Title: ابتكار منتجات جديدة وأثره فى توطين صناعة المعدَّات الزراعيَّة: دراسة حالة شركة جياد للجَّرارات والمعدَّات الزراعيَّة فى الفترة من 2010 م – إلى 2015 م
Authors: عبدالخالق مجذوب عبدالوهَّاب خيرالله
Keywords: صناعة المعدَّات الزراعيَّة
الجرارات الزراعية
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية -عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الاقتصاد والعلوم الإدارية والسياسية - قسم الإدارة
Abstract: This research examines the effect of creating quality products rolling to localize any good or service industry. Selection of the study was on Giad for tractors and agricultural equipment company, and personnel occurred. The research contains four chapters; the first chapter includes the methodological framework and previous studies. The second chapter deals with innovation and its paradigm, and localization industry. The third chapter ensures the resettlement of agricultural equipment industry, and the role of reverse engineering in the localization industry, and creative initiatives to transfer knowledge to build a learning organization, and to achieve skills and capacities of human resources. The fourth deals with hone skills, exchange of knowledge, skill transfer the idea, then the development of innovation and a conclusion, of results and recommendations. The research problem was how to get to invent solutions for creative ideas to localize the manufacture of innovative goods and services. And how to modify the traditional manufacturing methods and highlight the importance of stimulating the development of methods for the manufacture of creating quality products that meet the requirements of the user of the product or service, so that the organization maintains a competitive advantage. How can industrial organization to take care of the workers and push forward their knowledge and ways of thinking to create quality products? The importance of research comes from the importance of innovation and creativity of thought, its impact and the importance of continuing as a tool to be organized in a competitive situation unique to retain a high percentage of the market share, and the offer to the end-user problems and help provide options and means of quality solutions. It is important to reduce the need for foreign currencies, by growing market share of the Organization. The few published in Arabic on the impact of innovation to localize manufacturing has made it important for the preparation of this research. One of research objectives was to employ resources and take advantage of the capabilities in the stimulating environment and modify ways of thinking and mental models usual to new mental models stimulate initiatives and posts and instill creativity and innovation, to localize manufacturing with getting the best when the organization's resources exchange of knowledge, experiences and skills. The assumptions of the research attention to meet the end user need, leads to innovation quality agricultural equipment. And that innovation leads to the localization of manufacturing of miscellaneous goods and services. And benefit from others' experiences and ideas to keep pace with developments in the employment industry. To test the hypotheses the researcher took the approach of descriptive and analytical method, in the case represented Giad for tractors and agricultural equipment company study, use the questionnaire and researcher experience the process, with the presence of references and sources for material research. It turns out the search results of the questionnaire that the four hypotheses agreed to accept it and won the approval of the respondents' organization under study. So the most important results that attention for to meet farms wishes and suggestions leads to work on creating the quality of agricultural equipment, and innovation leads to the localization of manufacturing of a variety of agricultural equipment which benefit from the experiences and ideas before us, and attention to talents refining of employment, lead to renewed innovation to localize the manufacture of agricultural equipment. Results from within the organization under study, said the training has not been given sufficient scientific moment of time and care a measured way, see p. 139, paragraph 13 training sessions agenda. Nor is there an engineer specializing in electronics to work in embedded software engineering machined, and no training of engineers who were in this area at that time. Important recommendations: 1. Must perform cognitive training programs typical and atypical environment suitable to work on the exchange of knowledge among workers to hold meetings and workshops and enlightenment about what the exchange of knowledge and knowledge creation and management. 2. Implementation directed training to modify ways of thinking from traditional methods to methods of creative thinking and preparing an environment to allow the free thinking to launch creations and innovations models. 3. Work on cover engineering specialization is found employing specialty electronics control engineer and programmed logic control circuits PLC to control the manufacturing machines. 4. Start creative and innovative processes for the production of effective products on the economics of the country, such as sesame crop, the breadth of its cultivation areas, which need to automate creating an innovative cutting equipment packages, harvesting and mobilization of sesame crop system. This is achieved by investing creative energies and employs the ideas and innovations of human resources, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies for such projects
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