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Title: دور المنظمات الإقليمية والدولية في تحقيق الإستقرار السياسي في أفريقيا: دراسة حالة السودان (2003- 2010م)
Authors: صدقي جمال الدين حسن صدقي
Keywords: السياسة في افريقيا
دار فور
الحركات المسلحة - دار فور
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - مركز البحوث والدراسات الأفريقية
Abstract: This research came to study the role of region organizations (African Union, League of Arab States) and International, United Nations Organization (UN) in achieving the political settlement in Africa within study of Darfur region in Sudan (2003-2010) as a case study, the importance of study in this topic according to the case, and local, local, regional and international factors effects on those roles negatively and positively, the research aimed to show the importance of national role to achieve the political settlement and the entrance of that organizations in the internal affairs of countries comes in response for reasons to security and humanitarian may don’t agree visions with the supreme interest of the country. And contributions knowledge of those organizations in settlement of the dispute in Darfur and determined the organizations that have more efficiency in settlement of the dispute and the factors that impact on those contributions represents the research problem. Find supposed positive contribute of UN, the African Union in settlement of the dispute in Africa and Darfur region in Sudan, and the African Union influenced by its ability to provide the material resources necessary to intervention, and contribution of relationship between the African Union and UN in the speed in settlement of dispute in Africa, and the negative impact of initiatives of some Arab and African countries on the role of the African Union and League of Arab States in the settlement of dispute in Darfur region, and the weakness contribution of league of Arab states in Arab settlement of dispute returns to the lack of development of the Arab league and lack of political will to activate its role. The research used the historical, descriptive, legal and comparative approach and case study approach, the research was reached to many results and recommendations, the important ones according to roles of UN organization is non-enough support provide to the African Union team in Darfur, and t mixed operation between the African Union and Un, the research recommended to works to provide the needs of mixed operations, and on the level of the African Union, the unsuccessful efforts from the African Union to access political settle by the reason of different negotiation mission between the anti-armed movement in Darfur and multi negotiating platform represented important results. The research recommended by the necessaries of unification negotiating platform and negotiating position by the joint mediation, on the level of league of Arab States, it was influenced by the Arab league not to accommodate the contemporary political concepts, represents the most important results. And the research recommended adoption of Arab comprehensive reform plan, and on the general results level, the integrated relations between areas of the work of those organizations represented the most important results. And the research recommended creates joint mechanisms between the African Union and Arab league for the settlement of Arab-Arab disputes in Africa.
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