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Title: العروبة في الشعر التشادي المعاصر :
Other Titles: دراسة تحليلية فنية
Authors: حمـزة أحمـداي موسـى
Keywords: الأدب العربي - تشاد
روافد شعر العروبة التَّشادي
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالميَّة - عمادة الدِّراسات العليا- كلّيّة الآداب- قسم اللُّغة العربيّة
Abstract: Studies on Chadian Arab poetry the study, analysis and critique of modern studies, no more than two decades old, after Allah gave it the miracle of its time and the time of its Excellency Prof. Dr. Abdullah Hamdana Allah, who showed this literary production and poetic creativity to exist and presented as material scientific researchers addressed and circulation scholars. The position chosen by the researcher is: Arabism in the poetry of Chad its found approval approved by Prof. Prof. Abdullah Hamdna Allah, who agreed to supervise this study after making amendments and corrections to it. This research consists of five chapters, each of which is divided into four sections. The first chapter discusses the origins of Chadian poetry and its five stages that the poets passed through and poets of each stage and the main characteristics of their poetry, in addition, the study examined the mutual migrations between Chad and the Arab world and the extent to which these migrations contribute to the growth and development of Arabic poetry in Chad and its impact on its form and content, and previous studies that related to the subject consist of seven proposal being submitted to obtain the degree of master's and Ph.D. The chapters that followed the first chapter dealt with the three pillars of Arabism in Chadian poetry. The second chapter was entitled: The tributaries of the Chadian Arabism poetry. It shows the status of the Arabic language and the Chadian followers, and their steadfastness for their publication and their officialism. This led them to take up arms and blow up the great Chadian revolution, the most important of its aims: officialism of Arabic language clauses along with the French language. The second pillar is detailed in the third chapter entitled "The Arabism of Chad", which included the Arab presence in Chad and its manifestations, which are still held by the Arabs in Chad, the Bedouin included various aspects of man, animal and plant, and the Arab values, customs, traditional, it is clear to the eye that the Arab has maintained and do on spreading it, and it is the gallant, equestrian, courage, generosity, fluency, saying of poetry, and the beauty and adornment of women. The third pillar, detailed in the fourth chapter entitled "The Arab Issues in Chadian Poetry" (Arabic dimension), finds the close relationship between the Chadian poet and the Arab world, which necessitates him to experience its issues and supported from the ocean to the Gulf, and the great problems that shook the entity of the Arab nation and its statement, recorded the great positions and great steps that leaders, kings, presidents, leaders and facilitators stood with their brothers in Chad and their support for the Arabic language which has become strong in the past few years. The fifth and final chapter was devoted to the artistic characteristics of the researcher through which the artistic characteristics and creative shows that emerged in the poetry of the Chadian poets, namely the characteristics of the form of poetic image and poetic language of individual words and compositions, internal and external sound, and some characteristics of the content and the experiences of poets that prompted them to say poetry, and some monetary issues and the extent of their commitment to organic unity and objectivity in literary work. The study concluded with the most important results of the researcher during his trip with the research and the most important recommendations that were made to the researchers and scholars in Chadian Poetry - which the researcher sees as important - to choose the titles of their research and proposals to complete the Poetry department of the Arab in Chad. This study is a very simple addition in the Arabic Poetry in Chad which stay in first step, it is still a long way off, and it still gives researchers and scholars an opportunity to study and specialize in dealing with various subjects that need study, analysis and criticism
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