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Title: خصائص الأسلوب في شعر ابن حَمْدِيس الصِّقِلِّي
Authors: غالب عبد العزيز الزامل
Keywords: ابن حم دِيس ال صقِلي
اُلأسلوب والأسلوبية
الأسلوب في الصور المبنية على علاقات التداعي
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية اللغة العربية
Abstract: The second chapter deals with structures used in poetic rhythm it explores both of rhythmic appearances the external (weight and rhyme) and the internal (rhythm Language) represented by usage of the letters and the words and installations The third chapter outlines the figurative structures and shows its semantic tags by clarifying styles analogy symmetry relations and metaphoric similarity and styles poets used in images based on association relations that was either of truth (metonymy) or metaphor origins and so the association relationship built on illusion (pun The fourth chapter described the semantic construction methods by finding levels of verbal significance and levels of poet s utilization The fifth chapter was dedicated for phraseology. It first introduces the cases of enunciative sentence; installed exiled and compositions like questioning forbidding and wishful thinking. Then displays the structure for the cases of enunciative sentence versd for the phenomenon of surrender for delays deletions and repetition and the objection The paper was concluded by summary of the key findings Ibn Hamdis the Sicilian became famous and well known in the past and present for his tearful poems weeping his homeland Sicily. On fold of nostalgia for the homeland therefore critics considered his poet s topics more than their his poetry itself and so Ibn Hamdis longing to his homeland became a characteristic of his poetry and a symbol of patriotism and belonging. His biography won the attention of a group of researchers even some of his life was extracted his life out from his Poem It seemed to me that many aspects of his poetry was still shrouded in mystery never been explored or incompletely described; therefore I have taken a stylistic approach to reveal the mask of this poetry realize poet s styles and approaches according to methods he used in his poetic harangue and extrapolate its components and excrete external historical social or psychological influencing factors In accordance with the general standard the paper Consists of five chapters as well as an introduction and a closure. The introduction defined stylistic approach summarized its parameters and elucidates the pillars of the method. This was followed by a brief definition of the most prominent curriculum and determines the levels of stylistic analysis The first chapter discussed parts of the poet's life and reviews his culture and its resources and then it displays critics point of views in past and present poet finally it concludes with a list of modern critical studies around him
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