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dc.contributor.authorBabeker Siddig Abd Allah Mohammed-
dc.identifier.citationInternational university of Africa- Faculty of pure and applied science - Department of mathematics and computer scienceen_US
dc.description.abstractIn the present study a fast and efficient GC/MS-analysis of a number of volatile and semi-volatile, different classes of organic compounds ranging from simple to complex molecules have successfully been separated, identified qualified and quantified. These compounds are also obtained or extracted from different kinds of naturally occurring origin or industrially manufacture sources e.g. natural products, essential oils, fatty acids in seed oils, pharmaceuticals, drugs, environmental pollutants, pesticides residues, residual solvents in locally manufactured drugs, alkaloids and flavonoids.. In the present study the GC/MS efficiency in terms of resolution of the components of mixtures of these natural products extracts have been tested and the precision of the instrument was confirmed and validated via its ability to identify compounds at level of 1 ng. Moreover the wide range of analytical applications via its capacity to analyzed. In the current research work the following natural products have been analyzed such as caraway oil (Carum Cavi) and Cuminium for essential oils Sesamun seeds oil for fatty acids composition,,Lupin (Lupinus termis) (Cannabis) for alkaloids,Acacia Nilotica for flavonoids ,(Omega 3),(VitaminA) for food supplements, Petrol fraction for hydrocarbons,(Fade Cream),(Sivo Clear), (Max beauty) for cosmetics, (Valproic acid) for drugs, (fish and human serum sample) for pesticide residue. Performing these tests by applying different types of extraction procedures, samples preparation and temperature programs. The laboratory results have revealed the precision capacity, the high resolution capability and accurate structural elucidation power of this highly recommended analytical laboratory technique. The GC-chromatograms and mass spectra of these representative examples have been reported in thisen_US
dc.subjectBasic Principles of Organic Compound Identification Instrumentation and Working of GC MSen_US
dc.subjectThe polarity of components versus the polarity of stationary phase on columnen_US
dc.titleThe capacity of resolution, interpretive efficiency and the quantitative capabilities of GC.MS instrumenten_US
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