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dc.contributor.authorأحمد موسى عثمان محمد-
dc.identifier.citationجامعة أفريقيا العالمية - كلية الدراسات العليا - كلية الآداب - قــسم الجغرافياen_US
dc.description.abstractThis thesis is addressed as (Somalia Geographic location and its effection on the political conflicts in African Horn area) analytical study. The importance of this study emerged from the strategic importance of Somalia geographic location especially and the area of African Horn generally; as this thesis' distinction is presented in the subject that focuses on the strategic importance of Somalia geographic location in which many essential water straits juxtaposition the Indian Ocean and the Red See that connect eastern and western world together are existed. This study aims to highlight what is happening in Somalia since back then as it identifies the extent at which African Horn contributed to the conflicts in Somalia; as it identifies the extent at which African Horn area with its distinctive and unique resulted in regional conflicts geopolitical and strategic characteristics effects on the political conflicts in that area. The study aims to ignore internal conflicts of Somalia and the extent at which this location contributed in these conflicts. It aims to pinpoint the geopolitical and strategic importance of Africa continent' location and how these unique characteristics led to regional and international conflicts over this location including these in the African Horn. In order to collect data and analyze them, the researcher adopted the historical approach as it studies historical political geography so as to figure out the origin of problems as well as the descriptive approach in order to understanding nature of conflicts; in addition to the political analysis approach that adopted to analyze the information obtained and the regional approach that meant to analyze the political unit in terms of elements of constitution, and power analysis methodology was adopted (studies the geographical effection of conflicts between the competitive powers on the international political theater which could be achieved through studying the geographic elements and its connection with the political phenomena. The study reached the following results: 1. There was a relationship between the geographic strategy of Somalia location and the regional and international conflicts in African Horn area. 2. Powerful countries were greedily intended to control this strategic area and that contributed to war-spread between Somalis themselves. 3. Intensification of boarder limitation with neighboring countries especially Ethiopia and Kenya which cause political and safety instability, civil conflicts and chaos speeding. ح 4. The power of every nation depends on its geographic location and strategic and geopolitical importance, those effect on the nation economic' strength and considered important keys that used to show its sovereignty and respect in the world. 5. The geographic location of African Horn area plays a central role in the effection on the social, political and economic situation of the area whereas it constitutes a gate pass from and to the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean so that the conflicts in Somalia increased. 6. African Horn area witnessed regional and local conflicts resulted by many natural crisis and hunger which led to instability of political and safety situation as well as civil and regional wars. Subsequently, citizens' suffering increased over there. The most important recommendations presented are: 1. Building the country's institutions and develop its economic, social, defensive, military and security abilities so as to restore security and instability in the country. 2. Activate foreign policy and improve country's reputation in the international forums. 3. Normalizing foreign relationships and create regional and international alliance with countries that seek for stability and security of Somalia. 4. Prevent ongoing foreign interventions especially the neighboring countries in the internal issues of Somalia. 5. Conduct a comprehensive geographic survey in the country so as to discover natural resources that have not been uncovered yet. 6. Set a constructive strategic plan to reach the heist usage of this geographic location politically, economically, socially and security.en_US
dc.subjectالصراع السياسيen_US
dc.subjectالموقع الجغرافي للصومالen_US
dc.titleالموقع الجغرافي للصومال وأثره علي الصراع السياسي في منطقة القرن الأفريقيen_US
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