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dc.contributor.authorNashwa Abdelmanan Dawood Mahgowb-
dc.identifier.citationInternational University Of Africa Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences department of Mathematics and Computer Sciencesen_US
dc.description.abstractFirst of all thanks to Allah the greatest most merciful, thanks for him for giving power and thoughts to complete this thesis. Second my supervisor DR: Mohsin Hassan Abdullah who helped me to complete this research. I am great full to my teachers in the faculty of libraries supervisor and colleagues. Also thanks to our parents and families for support, and I need to express my gratitude and deep appreciation to all those who helped me . IV ABSTRACT This research is concerned with the QR method which is a powerful and important method for finding approximations for all eigenvalues of a given matrix. It is quite suitable for finding the eigenvalues of a matrix of high dimension. In this study a detailed description of the QR method is given. The method will be applied on a similar upper Hessenberg matrix. Plane rotations are used during the iteration . An algorithm of the QR method with shift is designed to accelerate convergence. Matlab computational environment is used in theen_US
dc.subjectعلوم الرياضياتen_US
dc.titleThe QR Method For Eigenvalue Problemen_US
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