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dc.contributor.authorعاصم عبد الله حسن يوسف
dc.identifier.citationجامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي والنشر - كلية العلوم الإدارية - قسم إدارة الأعمالen_US
dc.description.abstractthis research aims to identify transformational leadership and its role in achieving the effectiveness of strategic management. The problem of research was that today's transformational leadership in some contemporary organizations was below the level of ambition due to their lack of leaders who were highly capable of meeting the challenges and modern developments and the speed of changes in the internal and external environment of those organizations. The basic hypothesis was that there is a statistically significant relation between transformational leadership and the effectiveness of strategic management. Several hypotheses are derived from the hypothesis that there is a statistically significant relationship between the ideal effect of transformational leadership and the effectiveness of strategic management. For transformational leadership and strategic management effectiveness, as well as a statistically significant relationship between intellectual grooming and the effectiveness of strategic management. The research followed the analytical descriptive method and the historical approach with the case study. Primary and secondary sources of data collection, primary sources Questionnaire, interviews and secondary sources, books, references, periodicals and the Internet, limits of spatial research GIAD Industrial Group, Al-Jazeera State, Alkamlin Locality, and Temporal Limits (2006, 2016) (150 Employees), this research includes the introduction and five chapters, و the first chapter the previous studies, the second chapter the transformational leadership, the third chapter the strategic management, and the fourth chapter the applied study on the group of birds of the Sun The study found that 90.2% of the respondents agree with this, and the exercise of the transformational leader for the ideal effect leads to achieving the rates Performance, where 87.7% of the respondents agree. Based on these results, the research listed a number of recommendations, the most important of which is that the transformational leader takes into consideration the flexibility in managing change. It is also important that the transformational leader has the ability to express in a simple way what to do.en_US
dc.subjectالادارة الاستراتيجيةen_US
dc.subjectالقیادة التحویلیةen_US
dc.titleالقيادة التحويلية ودورها في تحقيق فاعلية الإدارةالإستراتيجية : دراسة حالة: مجموعة جياد الصناعية في الفترة ما بين 2006 - 2016 مen_US
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