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dc.contributor.authorسمير محمد محمد خير إبراهيم-
dc.identifier.citationجامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - معهد يويف الخليفة لكتابة اللغات بالحرف العربي -en_US
dc.description.abstractThe goal of this research is to show evolution writing languages in Arabic , by giving a historical overview of the beginning and the rise of this field and follow its career and development at the technical, technical and academic levels in addition to preparing a bibliographic list of sources and control since the year (1980-2018)to facilitate the task of researcher and reader in general and then save time and effort , To achieve this goal ,the researcher used the descriptive method for the purpose of evaluating interpreting and drawing conclusions the researcher also used a number of data collection tools, such as catalogs ,libraries, information centers and records The most prominent findings of this research are: the heritage left by the Arabic alphabet, the adoption of Arabic lines for long periods and the establishment of Islamic kingdoms in Africa He has helped create a good environment for the writing of languages by letter The research included in its theoretical and applied framework the five chapters the first chapter included ;the methodological framework ,chapter 11 the theoretical framework under the title The beginning of the writing of languages in Arabic letters ,and the efforts of institutions in this field and divided into; The first topic ;the date of writing the Arabic letters and rolls, The second topic:efforts and exeperince of the Islamic Educational ,scientific and cultural organization (isesco) The third topic :effort and experience of the Islamic Develop Bank, The third chapter :development of the writing of language in the Arabic letter : The first topic :The center of Yusuf Alkhalifa to wwrite in the Arabic language Strach ,objectives and evolution the second subject under the tittle :technical development and then the third topic academic development The fourth chapter included the bibliographic list as the first study , then the searchlights are second and then outer section Then the second and fifth the con confusion and alist of source and referenceen_US
dc.subjectكتابة اللغات بالحرف العربيen_US
dc.titleتطور كتابة اللغات بالحرف العربي مع قائمة ببليوجرافيةen_US
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