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dc.contributor.authorعبد الرحمن علي خيري-
dc.identifier.citationجـــامعة إفريقيا العـالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - مركز يوسف الخليفة لكتابة اللغات بالحرف العربيen_US
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this Research to write a standard transliteration of the Nubian, and to facilitate the process of learning different languages, Nubian and Nubian vocabulary documentation and traditional values and save them from extinction, and feed the Nubian library trilingual glossary links the Nubian languages, identifying points of convergence between Northern Nubian languages of the Nubian language access. The main issues addressed by the study: The Nubian language speakers face difficulties in learning Arabic without a tone according to proportion of variation in Arabic than Nubian phonetics and its different structures between languages and sentences than grammatical mistakes, newbie's speaker sign when you speak Arabic. The Third Difficulty of the Nubian language spoken and not written and recent attempts to write no agreement on uniform codes and soft (Coptic, Latin, Arabic). The researcher follows the descriptive analytical approach and opposite approach in his research. And he uses the Arabic vocabulary inputs to the triangular dictionary symbols the Arabic lexicon as the first work of these symbols on standard dictionaries. The study found multiple results concluded in aldnklaoih And almhasih and share out one old Nubian, is that Perfect Match between vocabulary by 52.1 percent especially in root words, and that the difference between the partial lexicons in 25.5 percent. The research implies on emerging urged to learn local languages and encourage them and teach them the benefits of their languages. And morphemic and bilingual semantic studies to lay the foundations for morphological and grammatical rules, and maintaining this legacy of civilization by teaching it in schools and universities, institutes and cultural spaces.en_US
dc.title(معجـــــم ثـــلاثي اللـــــغة )عربي - دنقلاوي – محسي (827 مفردة)en_US
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