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dc.contributor.authorبلقيس عبد الله التوم عمر-
dc.description.abstractThe research touched the subject of social planning department and its impact against poverty alleviation. The poverty problem is became affect economic and social policies, and took international dimension, and after that efforts focused on how to achieve development. It has been newly discovered that poverty slows down growth rate. In this research efforts focused on the definition of poverty and its causes , social effects , and the national strategy to combat poverty reaching solutions that standing on hypotheses and perceptions that may contribute on a better understanding for the poverty problem to fix the problem within the perception and framework of planning and its various kinds and methods of social planning , its impacts and how to overcome poverty throw the experience of the ministry of social development which basically targeting creating its plan to improve citizens life standard , Deeping interdependence values among the members of the state community through the mechanisms of social security to implement the principle of selfreliance . all that through a group of policies and mechanisms in the field of poverty alleviation The research used historical method description analytical data through scientific studies available then analyzes these data to create objective understanding helps in presenting solutions and deliver the researcher to a number of results. The most important result is to promote human development with training, rehabilitation and provision of basic social services to fight poverty and establishing appropriate job opportunities to reduce unemployment and development of curriculum base on moderation liberalization and economic self-reliance by the use of material resources and human resources and distribution of wealth fairly. The researcher concluded several recommendations including the elimination of corruption and strives to respond to the non-proliferation because it leads to disruption of the economic interests, and it can be considered from causes of poverty, poor civil foundation and the economy as a whole..en_US
dc.subjectإدارة الأعمالen_US
dc.subjectالتخطيط الاجتماعيen_US
dc.titleإدارة التخطيط الاجتماعي وأثرها في تخفيف حدة الفقرen_US
dc.title.alternativeبالتطبيق على وزارة التنمية الاجتماعية 2005 - 2013en_US
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