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Title: القيم التربوية عند الإمام الغزالي والإمام برهان الدين الزرنوجي
Other Titles: : دراسة مقارنة
Authors: عبد الواسع محمد
Keywords: أصول التربية
علم النفس التربوي
التربية الاسلامية
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية التربية - قسم أصول التربية وعلم النفس
Abstract: ABSTRACT EDUCATIONAL VALUES IN OPINION OF AL-IMAMUL GAZALI AND AL-IMAMU BURANU DEEN ZARNUJI ( A COMPERATIVE STUDY ) Educational values in opinion Al-Imam Gazali and AL-Imamu Buranu deen Al- Zarnuji is the selected title of this research , the research concentrates on studying the educational values which two of the Muslims scholars in education Imam Al-Gazali and Imam Buranu deen Zarnuji explained . The research focuses on the role and effect of those values on effective learning and successful teaching . This research aims at knowing the early life and the educational personality of the two scholars and drawing out the educational values which relate with the both instructor and learner from their educational opinion , furthermore , this research intends to study the area of similarities and differences between the educational values which each of them discussed concerning the content as well as method of explanation and manifestation , lastly , it highlights their noticeable role and contribution to establish the origin of Islamic educational values during / in the course of their valuable works . The researcher examines and studied the educational values which are included in the both scholars' books in order educe the values that relate to the instructor and learner , he approaches those values with explanation by giving necessary analysis and comment on each value ,in addition to that, he makes a comparison which shows the area of interest and concentration of each scholar , which manifested the range of going deeply into clarification of those values. The research concludes with several results which some of them are the following: 1- The educational values treated by Al-gazali and Zarnuji include spiritual , moral , intellectual , psychological and economical values. 2- The educational values concerning the learner which both imams discussed comprise positive values as most important something that helps learner on effective learning and useful acquisition of knowledge , as a result of that , it incumbent upon him to stick to it .it also include negative values as an obstacle obstructing learner from effective learning and putting knowledge in to practice . 3- The interest of imam Al- Gazali based on the educational values which he treated are devoted to spiritual and psychological education for he considered mind an origin of the values which control leaner and other 's behavior in the society . 4- It became very clear that Imam Zarnuji addressed learner with his educational instructions more than he directed his instructions to the teacher , this is what made him to have direct concentration on educational values concerning learner .  
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