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Title: أثر اللغة النوبية في العامية السودانية علي مستوى الدلالات
Authors: ماريا عبدالرحيم محمد خير
Keywords: المغة النوبية
أصوات المغة النوبية
الشعر الشايقي
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - مركز يوسف الخليفة لكتابة اللغات بالحرف العربي
Abstract: The research came under the title the impact of the Nubi language on the Sudanese traditional Arabic language on Lexical bases. The core of the research problem is based on the opinion of some people that the Nubi Language is limited to the area extended from Al-Dabba In The north of Sudan to Aswan in the southern part of Egypt, besides a good number of Nubian words are mixed up with the Sudanese traditional Arabic language to the extend that a hot of people think that those Nubian words are originally Sudanese traditional Arabic language. The research adopted the descriptive – comparative method which is mainly to pave the way for the students and the concerned people for research in the component of the Nubi Language. The research is a comparative one whereby a number of interviews were conducted with some of those who speak the language. The research ended up with a number of results , main of which is that the Nubi Language has affected the Sudanese traditional Arabic Language Lexically. The has been reflected Lexically in the traditions such marriage. We find many Nubian words that had been translated into Sudanese traditional Arabic language with some being used Nubian as they are. Thus a number of Nubian words ware borrowed to the Sudanese traditional Arabic Language. Also a number of geographical features of Nubian names were borrowed , then economic and Social ones, all being pure Nubian words. Then there came a number of recommendations , main of which : recommendations of conducting a morphemic study on Sudanese tradition Arabic language compared with that of the Nubi Language. Then complying a dictionary of Nubi words that are borrowed to the Sudanese traditional Arabic Language. This is to preserve the Nubian words from disappearance.
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