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Title: دور الولاء التنظيمي للعاملين في جودة أداء المنظمات دراسة حالة: مستشفى ساهرون 2010 -2015 بحث تكميلي لنيل درجة الماجستير في العلوم الإدارية
Authors: مرضية عبدالله محمد أزرق
Keywords: الولاء التنظيمي بالمنظمات
مفهوم الجودة
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: جامعة افريقيا العالمية - كلية الدراسات العليا - كلية العلوم الادارية
Abstract: The goal of this research is to identify the impact of the organizational loyalty among the employes of Sahroun Hospital, Khartoum. It is a trail to identify the study community. The research community is composed of the employees of Sahroun hospital at various levels of administration, a selected sample has been specified to achieve the goal of the study more over it is to identify the reasons that in upgrades the organizational loyalty of the employees, as well as to identify the differences in the average regarding pressure of work for the employees of the hospital, which is attributed to the personal and functional variables. The study adopted the analytical descriptive method which relies on collecting data from primary and secondary sources using interviews with some official and employees of sahroun hospital. In addition to that it designed a questionnaire for some of them for the same purpose. The distribution process was limited to the sample method, so the study takes in (60) staff members in sahroun hospital from different civil and military department. The study came up with many results, but, the most important of which are: to clarify the importance of applying quality in sahroun hospital , where its management is one of the most important department that looks after community’s health . Good management always seeks to develop plans to be achieved, it is the organizator for all activity of the units in order to prevent duplication and dissimilarity among the customers, it is there fore necessary to know that quality is applied to hospitals in Sudan by a normative standard. The study recommended the following adoption the method of change that associated with the concept of quality in Sudanese hospitals, so as to co ordinate and link public and private hospitals in the field of expertise and enrichment of medical research to address the start comings and disadvantages. As well as improving the methods of selection, appointment and training for all categories of medical staff throughout Sudan hospitals.
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