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Title: مشكلات المدارس الثانوية الخاصة في كينيا الأسباب ومقترحات الحلول : المدارس العربية الأهلية بمدينة منديرا أنموذجاً
Authors: سعدية عبد الله إسحاق
Keywords: التعليم الخاص
الأدارة التربوية
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي والنشر - كلية التربية - قسم الإدارة التربوية
Abstract: In this paper titled "Challenges Faced by Secondary Private Arabic Schools in Mandera, Causes and solutions" the researcher aimed at identifying the difficulties by prive Arabic secondary schools in Mandera, Kenya. She starts with the origin and development of thsese schools. The researcher employs the descriptive analytical approach to shed light on the management status of these schools by randomly selecting 40 teachers at Mandera private Arabic secondary schools. At the end of the research, the researcher found out that: Headmasters of those schools give care and consideration to problems of everybody in the school, those schools have spacious classrooms conducive for learning, Parents participate well in extracurricular activities, learners generally do not face circumstances that hinder them from continuing their studies, schools curricular are rarely modified, schools use modern educational aides, the schools have a committee that supervises school activities. The researcher, then presents recommendations of which the major ones are: Provision of school libraries so that studnts, teachers and the public make use of, there is need to train all teachers on educational aides use and provide refresher training courses for them on routine basis, there is need to provide
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