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Title: العلاقات الانسانية في الإدارة المدرسية بمدارس الدمج في كينيا الواقع والمأمول : مدرسة رباني بنيروني أنموذجاً
Authors: سميرة محمد علي
Keywords: الإدارة المدرسية
الإدارة التربوية
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي والنشر - مركز الدراسات العليا بجامعة راف - كينيا - كلية التربية - قسم الإدارة التربوية
Abstract: This research is entitled: Human relations in the school administration in the schools of integration in Kenya, the reality and the hope. The research aims at revealing the human relations in the school administration in the schools of integration in Kenya, the reality and the hope, especially the Rabbani School. To attain these objectives in scientific method, due to its suitability the researcher pursued descriptive methodology in her research. The researcher chose the questionnaire and the interview as a tool for collecting information, processed the data using the )SPSS( program, and then analyzed the respondents' answers in the light of the research questions, and the researcher reached a number of results, including that the principal takes care of the teachers and guide them, and treat them fairly and equitably, The principal considers individual differences in dealing with teachers, The principal raises students' morale and respects their wishes, The principal sends letters and reports to the parents to inform them of the progress of their children in the scientific and educational aspects, and encourages communication between teachers and parents. In the light of the results, the researcher recommended that the relationship between the students themselves be emphasized, the need of the principal to involve the parents at the teacher’s committee meetings, the contribution of the parents in some activities of the school, training the secondary school teachers on the art of dealing with teachers, all parents should follow the performance of their children by attending regular meetings with school principals, faculty heads and teachers.
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