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Title: مشكلات إدارة مدارس الدمج بمرحلة الأساس في كينيا: الأسباب والمقترحات
Authors: حنان محمد شريف
Keywords: الادارة التربوية
الادارة المدرسية
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا والبحث العلمي والنشر - مركز الدراسات العليا بجامعة راف - كينيا - كلية التربية - قسم الإدارة التربوية
Abstract: The research deals with the problems of management of integrated schools in the primary level in Kenya, the reasons and solutions for the academic year 2016\2017. The research aimed at identifying the problems of managing the integrated schools at the basic stage in the South C Area of Nairobi, Kenya, identifying the reasons and suggesting solutions. The researcher used the descriptive approach to analyze and evaluate the problems of managing integrated schools at the primary level in South C, Nairobi, Kenya. The questionnaire and the interview were used as a tool for collecting data,The research community included all the directors of the integrated schools in the South C Area of Nairobi and their deputies for the academic year 2017, consisting of twelve directors, and twelve deputies. The research reached the following results: The manager has the skill of human relations Modern means of teaching Islamic materials are available Design of school buildings is for study purposes. And through the findings of the research presented, a set of recommendations were established, most important of which are as follows: Nessecity of coordination between different integrated schools Create a special department that supervises the integrated schools.
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