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Title: الظواهر الفنية في شعر بن عبد ربه الاندلسي دراسة نقدية
Authors: يزيد محمد صالح بن شحنة
Keywords: الشعر العربي
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - كلية الآداب - قسم اللغة العربية -
Abstract: Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Abed Rabbo is one of the most famous poets in his age. He lived during the reign of emirate's men, praising their heroisms and victories. He died in 328 A.H. Historians and critics were interested in his articles about prose whish's connected to his book titled AL-IQD AL-FAREED. His life , poetry topics and features have been studied recently. However, I haven't found a study that concentrated on artistic features in different aspects. That's why I have presented this study to give us a clear picture about the artistic features in his poetry such as the shape , style , imagination, passion and meaning. This study depends on the artistic approach to get to the main aims. It's divided into an introduction and five sections. The introduction includes a biography of the poet and his poetry purposes. The first section has taken the shapes of structure, poems, Muqattaat ( short poems) and Arageez which are found in the first chapter. The second chapter is about the linguistic structure which is including grammatical and morphological levels. The second sectionincludes styles. The first chapter discusses the reported and morphological styles. The second chapter is about the internal and external music. The third sectionin the first chapter chapter , discussing the connection of imagination with the environmentand the picture functions. The fourth section is about the functional representation, and the scientists concepts in functional words in his poetry. The last section is focusing on the passions which are connected with the structure of the poem. Love, sadness and passion weakness are mainly discussed as clear passions in his poetry. This study ends with outcomes and the recommendations
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