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Title: سلطات واختصاصات المجالس المحلية في القانونين السوداني واليمني: دراسة مقارنة
Authors: علي حميد القشيبي
Keywords: المجالس المحلية
القانونين اليمني والسوداني
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: جامعه إفريقيا العالمية- عمادة الدراسات العليا- كلية الشريعة و القانون - القانون العام
Abstract: This research consists of four chapters and a conclusion, presented in the first chapter the fundamentals of research, which included the importance of the research, its objectives, problem, hypotheses and questions, as well as the terms of research and previous studies. The title of the second chapter was the system of local councils, it included four topics, the first topic dealt with the decentralization, its definition and objectives, the second topic dealt with the patterns of decentralization and discussed in the third topic: local governance - its definition and its elements. The third chapter was devoted to the development of local councils in Yemen and Sudan; it included four topics, the first topic dealt with the development of councils in Yemen, the second topic deal with the development of the local councils in Sudan, the third topic dealt with the local administration at the beginning of Islam. The fourth chapter was devoted to studying the powers and competences of the local councils and comparing them to the Islamic law and the law. The second topic is the powers and competences of the local councils in the Sudanese law. In the third topic, the authorities and competencies dealt with the Islamic legislation. Finally, the research presented the main results of the study.
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