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Title: دور المنظمات القاعدية في التثقيف الصحي : بالتطبيق علي منظمة ربينة الطوعية في الفترة من 2012 إلي 2015 م
Authors: حسن علي ادم عبد الله
Keywords: المنظمات القاعدية
التوعية الصحية
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - معهد دراسات الكوارث واللاجئين - إدارة المنظمات والعمل الطوعي
Abstract: This study deals with the role of grassroots organizations in health education, in addition to the role played by these organizations in society. The importance of this study is that it highlights the role of these organizations in providing health and humanitarian services and their quality, supporting the capacities of different groups in society and alleviating their suffering. Supporting the efforts of advocacy and partnership in health education programs, development and emergency situations and spreading the spirit of volunteerism in the community. This paper used the method that was based on field visits and interviews, not the persistence of the importance of health awareness, health education, In this regard, the case study is applied to Rabina and its role in confronting these health risks resulting from poor health awareness, in addition to providing the necessary support and assistance in preventing these risks, and then offering solutions and remedies for community health disasters through awareness and guidance. And the participation of the community in the definition of health education and its importance in the promotion of society and safety and reduce the effects on it. This paper dealt with grassroots organizations and their concept - previous studies, the role of grassroots organizations and their types, and the concept of health education. The study concluded that the Rabina Voluntary Organization has clear strategies that do not intersect with the vision of the state and that it has carried out large projects in the field of health education, despite the lack of funding and weak potential, as well as well-trained cadres, but it provided a model in voluntary work and selflessness in the service of society and promote health work, Remote remote. And religious guidance, people are more lenient with health guidelines when they know that they are part of the teachings of their religion. Health Education Achieves the goal of spreading healthy heal
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