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Title: مختلف الحديث عند ابن حزم في كتابه المحلي بالآثار من أول كتاب الطهارة إلي آخر كتاب الزكاة جمعا ودراسة
Authors: شعيب أبوبكر إدريس
Keywords: علوم الحديث
الإمام ابن حزم
مختلف الحديث
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الدراسات الإسلامية – قسم الحديث وعلومه
Abstract: This research dealt with the subject of the difference of Hadith (MUKHTAFUL HADITH) in Ibn Hazm in his book Almuhala Bi Alathar ,from the first book of purity ,to the end of the book of Zakat, . The research included four chapters; the first chapter was about the introductions, and previous studies and the difference between them and this research. The second chapter contained an overview of the history of the conquest of Andalusia, and the knowledge of Hadith, and its spread there. The research also touched upon the biography of Ibn Hazm, his teachers, his disciples, his writings and his death, as well as the efforts of Andalusia scholars in the era of Ibn Hazm in the service of the Sunnah, it was also about the book Almuhala Bi Alathar , and the methodology of its author. The third chapter dealt with the definition of the difference in Hadith (MUKHTAFUL HADITH) and its problems (MUSHKILUL HADITH) and the difference between them, a brief study of the various Hadiths, the problem of the Hadith, and the reasons and sections of difference in the Hadith. The fourth chapter dealt with the contributions of Imam Ibn Hazm - may God have mercy on him - in guiding the various Hadith , on the basis of collection or copying or weighting with the examples of application of each of them. One of the objectives of this research was to gather, round up and demonstrate the approach of Ibn Hazm in the various Hadiths, whether it is based on what the scholars have drawn or whether it is irregular and what is added in this section, adopting the inductive and deductive methodologies. The research arrived at the following conclusion 1. The meaning of Mukhtalaful hadith is to have two or more authentic hadith that contradict each other 2. The contradictions came from who examined the text but in reality there's no any contradiction 3. There are difference between Mukhtaful Hadith and that of Mushkilul Hadith 4. Alimam Ibin Hazim has agreed in general strategy with other Scholars in how to deal Mukhtalaful Hadith 5. Al Imam Ibn Hazim is one of the intelligent scholars that served Islam and his book Almuhalla is one of the encyclopedia book of Islamic jurisprudence
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