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Title: اتفاقية سلام شرق السودان وأثرها في تطوير التعليم ولاية كسلا محلية شمال الدلتا وقر الفترة من 2009 - 2017
Authors: علي محمد علي خضر نوري
Keywords: اتفاقية سلام شرق السودان
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: جامعة أفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - معهد الكوارث واللاجئين
Abstract: Abstract This study aims at identifying the role of the Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement in the development of education in eastern Sudan. The state of Kassala is located in the North of Datta and Qar. The study followed the analytical descriptive method by limiting the number of schools before and after the agreement. In theory, Interviews, Notes, Magazines and References The study came out with several results, the most important of which are: The agreement came to develop the weapon and then the development The agreement worked on the development of education The aim of this study was to learn about the role of the agreement in developing the field of education in eastern Sudan This study was based on several hypotheses, the most important of which are: The Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement has a clear role in the development of the educational institutions in Kassala. The results of the research came out with a number of recommendations, the most important of which are: 1. The problem of water, 3. Work for a mechanism to raise awareness of education, especially the education of the teacher 3. For teachers to solve the problem of shortage because the local terminal 4. Teacher training programs 5. Solve the problem of basic education Mukul ordered the local budgets to be allocated to education follow the Ministry 6. Attention to pre-school education (kindergarten) Teacher nutrition programs Intensification of effort organizations and the formation of a mechanism to solve the problem ..
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