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Title: الأحاديث التي ضعّفها الإمام التّرمذي المتوفى (279ه) وصحّحها العلاّمة الألباني المتوفى (1420ه) في كتاب الصّوم جمعاً ودراسةً
Authors: كوني سيكو
Keywords: علوم الحديث
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: جامعة إفريقيا العالمية - عمادة الدراسات العليا - كلية الدراسات العليا - قسم الحديث وعلومه
Abstract: This modest of project prevail the complement and finishing of serving prophet (S.A.W) (PEACE BE UPON HIM) practice and with the topic : “Narrations that are weaks according to AL-IMAM Tirmidhi judgement and sounds authenticated to AL-IMAM ALBANY judgement in the book of fasting”{JAMIHU TIRMIDHI}. And it comprises of three chapters and three section of studies, in addition to four subject matters in each chapters. The research have explain the main point differecnce between the two imams [AL-TIRMIDHI AND AL-ALBANY] with their judgement in the book of study [jamihu tirmidhi] And taking advantages of Islamic scholars statement to achieved what is most appropriation in their statements . And have shown in details, before the summary of biography of two imams [AT-TIRMIDHI AND AL-ALBANY] and explaining their excellency, with good of propagating importance of book of study [Al-jamih ] and attentions of the scholars to it. And the methods of research, contains the following ; investigation method, comparative method and analysis method. And finally, it ends with disclosing the results and recommendation informations. May Allah taala assist and guide us.
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